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What You Need To Know About Web Apps | Q&A With Our COO

Web applications are programs that allow for better communication between businesses and their customers. Continuous increase in the use of the internet has resulted in a shift of how companies work and the adoption of more web applications with functionality and interactive elements.

Gmail, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are all examples of dynamic web apps that were built for user engagement. Understanding what a web application is can help you realize its importance in our everyday life.

We asked our COO to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we received from our clients about Web Applications. These answers will give you some insight as to what a Web App is, its benefits and how it works.

1. What is a Web App?

A Web application is a software application which is accessed via a Web browser, this includes applications such as Office 365 Online, Zoom, Slack, Xero and Quickbooks just to name a few. A web application is typically accessed through a cloud server and all elements including business logic, data base and authentication is handled via the cloud server.

2. Who can use Web Apps?

Literally anyone with access to a web browser such as Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari or opera can make use of web applications.

3. Why are Web Apps an important factor in organisational success?

Web apps provide a low cost solution for organisations who need to automate, streamline or provide access to organisational data. Web applications do not require on premise server infrastructure, which make it easy to implement and reduces the risk of downtime to the organisation. Web apps are typically more scalable than traditional on premise software applications.

4. Do I need programming skills to build my own Web App?

It depends on what type of Web Application you want to build. Low-code or No-code solutions such as Zoho Creator will enable you to build Web Applications using a drag and drop interface allowing to design your own Web App without writing a single line of code. However, special purpose applications not reliant on a third-party platform, will most definitely require significant programming skills.

5. What are the fees applicable to building a Web App?

Depending on the scale and complexity of the application fees will always vary. Low code applications can be set up for as little as $300. These platforms will allow you to build a Web Application with forms, reports and dashboards. Larger application developments using traditional programming methods are significantly more expensive and can put you millions of dollars out of pocket.

6. What are the major benefits of utilising a Web App?

Connectivity - Nowadays everyone is online and web applications provide constant connectivity to organisational resources.

Lower Risk - No need for on premise maintenance or heavy server infrastructure.

Scalability - Cloud server infrastructure is relatively easy to scale and much more cost effective.

User Experience - Web development technology has come a long way and building truly responsive and immersive software is now easier than ever.

7. Will my Web App be compatible with all devices?

If your developer has developed the application with any existing compatibility issues in mind then all users should experience the application the same. Different web browsers behave differently and as long as behavioural characteristics have been accounted for, you should not have any device compatibility issues.

8. How do you download a Web App?

Web apps cannot be downloaded, they are merely rendered over a HTTPS connection ensuring accessibility from anywhere on the internet.

9. Are Web Applications secure?

If best practices were followed during the development of the Web Application, then your information will be secure. Things to look out for are whether the URL is HTTPS or not and whether the site uses a lot of cookies. Apps that require authentication, typically require email or OTP verification for extra security.

10. How long does it take to set up and launch?

All depends on the type of Web Application, No-code solutions can be set up and launched within an hour, whereas as fully custom Web Application can months or even years to develop.

If you would like to chat to us about a Web Application setup, whether custom built or Low-code solution get in touch with us today!

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