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The Cloud Bandwagon | Four Major Benefits Of Using Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage quickly became one of the most popular, cost-effective, convenient, and efficient methods to store data online. The service has since moved beyond its initial purpose of personal storage to becoming one of those must-have technologies in business operations.

Cloud services give the user the ability to share and access files remotely by using an internet connection, rather than saving the data in their local storage or hard drive disk keeping their local storage systems completely separate.

A great deal of benefits comes with storing your data in the cloud, but a lot of businesses are back peddling from using cloud services due to concerns over security. In fact, 63% of small and medium-sized businesses believe that the cloud should and certainly could be doing more to protect their data.

Contrary to this belief, cloud service providers actually go the extra mile to protect their client’s data. By encrypting data, as well as putting extremely powerful cybersecurity software and processes in place they make hacking into cloud storage an extremely close to impossible task.

From storage, to software, down to security, cloud services are overtaking most of technology. Many businesses and enterprises are relying more and more on comprehensive cloud services with their IT infrastructure. - Clay Ostlund

Apart from the major safety benefits connected with cloud storage here are 4 benefits that really make it worth your while to go all cloud:


When using the cloud as a storage service, you are essentially outsourcing all your in-house data to a group of specialists who can effectively maintain your organization’s data on your behalf.

Flexibility and Scalability

Better yet, cloud storage is far more flexible and scalable. If you need more space in your data center, you’ll need to add an expensive server, potentially with far greater capacity than you actually require.

Cost Saving

The Cost-saving advantage is probably the most attractive part of cloud storage to business owners. With cloud storage, you end up only paying for what you actually use. It also eliminates the cost of on-site data storage and software management, resulting in smoother running in business operations.


Cloud storage enables organizations to keep a third copy of their data, off-site and secure. It just takes a few clicks to drop a copy of your files to your cloud storage system ensuring you have an additional backup of your data. No matter what happens to your computer, server, or office building, you will still have a safe and secure copy of your data.

Ultimately cloud storage is a great platform that doesn’t require too big of an investment, without breaking your bank you can easily and effectively start collaborating with your employees and customers from wherever with the added benefit of knowing your data is safe and sound in the cloud.

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