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Surviving Corona 101

The novel coronavirus pandemic might just as well be the turning point that will change the way we work and collaborate forever. While this is the inevitable truth for the future we must first survive the present.

With Duple's entire team working from home for the time being, we understand the struggle and we realize the significance of the threats that we face now and the uncertainty that lies before us. During this time of crisis we have found some comfort in the strength of technology.

Technological solutions that allow for contactless functioning has been gaining a lot of prominence during times of lockdown and social distancing. The need for cost effective Business Solutions enabling employees to work remotely are now bigger than ever before and by empowering your organisations with the necessary tools, you can easily turn the ideal into a reality.

Duple has been managing to keep up with client demands, maintain work quality and even show growth all the while our entire team is working from home. This has only been made possible due to the technological processes, automation and integration that we have in place within our own Business Solutions Plan.

Our Solution?

A fully automated, integrated Project Management tool, called RapidPlanner. The tool allows for management to maintain complete control of Duple while enabling employees to work from within the safety of their own homes.

Not only can RapidPlanner track real time project progress but it is also fully integrated with third party accounting and time-tracking platforms allowing for automated billing and communication with clients. A recent study conducted by TINYpulse found that "project transparency has become more than just good ethics, it has become good business." By promoting project transparency, RapidPlanner aids in building strong client relations based on trust and the commitment that Duple has to the promises we make as a service provider.

If you would have asked me about the value of this tool a few months ago, I would have said that it would be a great addition to your business. Knowing what I know now and by witnessing its power within our own organisation my opinion has shifted. RapidPlanner has become an essential part in our' fight against the social and economic impacts of the corona pandemic .RapidPlanner is no longer a nice to have tool, it’s a necessity and a big part of why our business has the ability to continuously grow during this time of great uncertainty.

As a business we see this as an opportunity to learn and grow. It is when you are forced out of your comfort zone that you learn to adapt. The same applies to your business. Adopting new technologies and ways of working rarely occurs naturally but yet we are aware of how necessary change is for growth. This pandemic has resulted in accelerated digital transformation and many businesses are now finding themselves operating more efficiently and effectively. In all its darkness Corona has become a driving force for innovation.

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