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Q&A With The Duple Team | The Low Down On Zoho

Zoho Corporation is an Indian multinational software company that has taken the world by storm, their biggest focus is on cloud computing and web-based business tools. They are one of the most successful SaaS companies and their applications are world-class. As a proud partner of Zoho, we asked our team a few of the most frequently asked questions about the Zoho Platform.

Who is Zoho?

"Zoho is a web-based business software solutions company that started in 2005. With over 20 years of experience in business software development and over 50 million users in over 180 countries globally, the software company has been able to build applications that compete with tech giants such as Google and even Microsoft."

What is Zoho Creator?

"Zoho Creator is a low-code software solution that empowers the user to build their own custom applications, with or without coding experience. Creator has shown the ability to deliver new software and applications at a significant pace and allows for the creation of multi-channel touch-points that include traditional web and mobile apps."

How do I get started with building my own CRM?

"First of all, you have to clearly identify your need and ultimately what you want to achieve with your CRM platform. From there it’s easy, simply reach out to us and we’ll help you get started with a free account."

Why choose Zoho?

"They have a vast collection of applications that can be integrated with other applications to streamline your business processes. Zoho One is the ultimate operating system for business. The solution has a suite of over 40+ applications that can put a business completely on the cloud with the added benefit of complete integration."

What are the features of Zoho Platform?

"This system offers businesses everything they need to get their business to run smoothly on a cloud basis. Zoho can easily increase process and performance management because all applications are integrated with one another. Not to mention the awesome support systems that they have in place to ensure you never have unanswered questions."

When can developers begin selling their applications?

"Developers can sell their applications once its been successfully developed to the customer's satisfaction and all the necessary testing has been completed. Bugs can be identified once testing's been done and can be rectified prior to the application being sold with comebacks."

Can anybody sign up for the app or is it invite-based?

"It all depends on the application permission set out by the developer and as requested by the customer you're developing the application for. Zoho is all about solving your specific business needs without limiting you, simply put it’s all up to you and the possibilities are endless."

How does Zoho Platform pricing work?

"Zoho offers flexible pricing options. You can either sign up for annual or monthly basis subscriptions. The costs are calculated on a per-user basis and depend on the services that you require. All pricing is freely available on their product sites."

Does Zoho Platform offer a mobile version?

"Yes, the entire Zoho Suite is available on mobile. The apps were all built with user-friendly interfaces and enhanced functionality to ensure that you can seamlessly run your business even on the go."

Does Zoho Platform support integrations with other applications?

"Yes, all Zoho applications integrate with one another as well as other extensions. Simplified third-party integration makes it easy to customize applications to your specific business requirements."

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