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The Power of Low-Code: Three Powerful Benefits To Gain From

One of the most prominent characteristics within the tech space today must be its fast-growing and ever-changing environment. Today’s businesses aspire for more technologically driven innovation, while clients are more informed, extremely well connected and by far more demanding than ever before.

Digital integration has become the norm and the choice to conform has become inevitable. Whether you are a large organisation or a small business owner fighting to get your start-up on its feet, your organization needs to continuously adapt to survive the pace at which business environments are transforming.

Traditional development platforms fall short when it comes to keeping up with these high demands within organisations. Over the past few years, Low-code platforms have shown immense ability to provide a solution.

This form of creative innovation disrupted the market by the concept’s ability to empower organisations to keep up with changing environments and ensuring customer demands are met, while simultaneously driving digital transformation.

So, what exactly is a Low-Code platform?

It’s a system that’s designed to reduce the amount of hard-coding required of developers while building an app. On a low-code platform you can create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.

- What is Low-Code?, Jen Looper, Progress

In his December 2019 blog post, Everything You Need To Know About Low-Code Development Platforms, Merlin Velankani, discussed a hand full of benefits that stand out when implementing a low-code developing platform:

Faster Development & Improved Productivity

Low-code platforms show the ability to deliver new software and applications at a significant pace. According to John Rymer, Forrester’s Principal Analyst, such platforms own the power to “make software development as much as 10 times faster than traditional methods.” As a direct result of speedy development processes, the cost effectiveness of these platforms are undeniable. With the sudden increase of speed on delivery, projects will finish faster, more efficiently, and at a higher standard. The time saved allows developers to focus their time on more custom aspects of the project, making speed one of its most attractive attributes

Risk Management

Low-code platforms are built on the promise of constant change. Organisations are constantly faced with the expectation of modernisation and can find comfort in having a dependable sidekick as they embark on their digital transformation journey. Low-code applications can accommodate in the process of change, while maintaining close control over the risk management cycle. Aspects such as data integration, cross-platform support, and security, can easily be customized to meet an organisation’s requirements securely.

Flexibility & Customer Experience

The dynamic nature of low-code platforms has the ability to quickly scale and change applications to meet customer demands. A Low-code platform such as Zoho Creator allows Duple to create multi-channel touch-points that include traditional web and mobile apps, placing you in front of your customer at all times. By building artificial intelligence and machine learning functionality into our apps we ensure that you stay relevant and evolve together with the industry that your organisation operates in.

Although Low-code developing platforms have gained enormous traction within the business world, we cannot overlook the freedom and flexibility that traditional platforms still offer, and we therefor combine the best of both worlds by incorporating technologies such as .NET, Node.js and Flutter, depending on your project requirements.

Duple is continuously looking for ways to innovate and we believe that the ultimate power lies within combining traditional and low-code software platforms in order to deliver a customised business solution development system.

We can set you up with a Business Operating System in the form of a Low-Code environment while simultaneously empowering you with limitless potential for automation and integration ensuring all your business needs are met.

The possibilities are endless!

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